Birdwatching and Ziplining Tour

Canopy tour in La Fortuna

La Fortuna area is a privileged location to spot birds, not only in Costa Rica but in the Americas. Due to its topography, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and different kinds of forests in such a small area, turn La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano in a paradise for those who love birds.

Birds are more active early in the morning and in the late afternoon, as the day cools into evening. Join us for a guided walk into our Park for an amazing display of tropical birds. You will have the opportunity to see toucans, parrots, oropendolas, wild turkeys, colorful tanagers, parakeets and many more species in their natural environment. For the more experienced birdwatcher, we can focus on those special treasures and uncommon species.  We will tailor the tour for you. We will wrap up the tour by listing and discussing the birds we have seen.

It consists of 11 cables, 13 platforms and a suspension bridge, the tour is divided into two sections.

Nine of these platforms are in the trees, where visitors can have greater contact with nature, while releasing adrenaline in a healthy and safe way. 

Within the route we can find the Tarzan Swing, which consists of a swing where we jump from a platform to a void in a forest clearing rocking for several times with special equipment, until we leave all our worries, its height reaches almost 40 meters.

The tour is distributed in 2 sections:

  1.   The first consists of 6 cables and 7 platforms, with lengths up to 210 meters long and an average height of 25 meters.
  2.   At the end of this second stage is the Tarzan Swing.
  3.   And the second consists of 5 cables and 6 platforms, with lengths ranging from 100 meters to 430 meters.
  4.   The whole tour takes approximately 2 hours.


Combo: $135.20 USD

Note: The price is per person, also is the same for adults or child.

What includes?

Bilingual naturalist guide, transportation in an A/C bus and beverages.

Note: Hotels far from the town have an additional cost. 

What to bring?

Light comfortable clothing, camera, hiking shoes, mosquito repellent and rain gear (in rainy season).


05:30 hrs | 13:00 hrs

The tour lasts from 5:00 hrs to 5:30 hrs.



This is the only canopy tour and birdwatching inside the Arenal Volcano.


You will be surprised by the large amount of flora and fauna that are in the Arenal Volcano bsoque


We start very early to enjoy the activities to the fullest. 


We have professional guides and certified by the Costa Rican tourism institute.


We are a 100% accessible, we believe that everyone should experience the canopy once in a lifetime.


We are the only canopy tour in La Fortuna with double cable, one for the tour and other one for more security.



Zip Lining


You will enjoy 12 Canopy cables, 13 platforms, a suspension bridge and a Tarzan swing, these will make you feel like Superman while flying from one tree to another in the rainforest of the Arenal Volcano.


Adventure or nature, enjoy both in a single afternoon doing a canopy tour and exploring the nocturnal mysteries of the Arenal Volcano forest.

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